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Photo cred: Kaitlyn Marie Photography

​​​{Leanne Lynn}
Winnipeg Lifestyle Photographer

About Me

Thank you for stopping by. My name is Leanne and I am the owner and lead photographer here at Leanne Lynn Photography. I have lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba my whole life. I am inspired by décor, landscapes, and people.


I am a wife, and feel so humbled to be called mom by my two daughters. I have two fur babies; a cat and a dog. My husband encouraged me all those years ago to put myself out there, to be vulnerable and take a chance on myself and my perspective of the world. With the support of the ones I love most, I took a leap of faith.

Inspiration comes to me in the form of natural light and helping others feel confident in front of the lens. What once started as a hobby, has grown into a successful business and eventful discovery of life. I consider myself extremely fortunate for the many people I've met and the heartfelt moments I've witnessed. I am proud of the memories I've captured so far and will continue to strive for growth as an artist and business owner. 

The best sessions include confident faces, a little fun and lots of love! I want all those I capture to feel at ease, in the moment and full of life. Photography is it's own art and everyone is so very different. It's important to pick a photographer based on their style and the way their photos speak to you. If my photos leave you with a feeling, then my mission is accomplished. Photography is so much more then just taking a photo, if you know - you know.

What sets me apart? Before each session I try to get a sense of each client and the vibe. I spend time creating somewhat of an inspiration board to make the session unique and have a bit of a flow to our time together. Pair it with coordinated outfits and the magic comes to life. I pride myself on creating opportunities for unique moments. My buzz words in a session are 'perfect', 'chin out' and 'posture up'! I work hard to work angles and make sure any photo I give is one you are going to feel your best in. 

I welcome any opportunities to get to know YOU better!

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