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I've photographed at so many different locations and in all different seasons over my years in photography. See below for a few of my favourite spots in and around Winnipeg.

I am always open to exploring new spots as well, lets make it happen.

Kings Park

Kings park is located in the south end of the city. It's a large park with lots of options - open field, grown trees, path ways, rock waterfall, benches. a garden and arch terrace at the back. There are also foot bridges and a little hut over looking the pond. 


Hotel Lobby

Hotels are a great space to snap some great natural light vibes. A hotel lobby generally has a nice aesthetic, lots of natural light, nice furniture and space to spread-out. Always get permission before showing up and tag them when sharing the images on social media.

Waterfront Drive

Located in the heart of downtown. Variety of options with shaded trees, a small foot bridge. There are walking paths, and a little dock that overlook the water. Being downtown, there is also access to Lombard street, various downtown architecture, loading docks, graffiti and back alleys.  


Flower Garden

There are some great garden options with a U-pick experience to make for a fun activity and photography opportunity. Walk through the fields and make some memories with the family. Lily Stone (Near LaSalle, MB), and Charlie May Farm (near La Barrier Park) come to mind as closer options.

Harbourview Park

Located just near Regent. A frequented spot for blossom shoots early spring. A nice trail walk around the park, open field, character trees, a small foot bridge and a great picnic spot. 


This park is one of my favourites. It's a hidden gem just off St. Mary's road. It has beautiful mulch and gravel trails running through it, a wooden fence, wood bridge, open field and trees grown in rows. There are cutouts overlooking the water & lots of shade opportunities if session is during the day. There is a good variety of trees and tall grass making this spot perfect for any season. Note: stick to the trails here to be respectful of the manicured land and tall grasses that grow.


In-home lifestyle sessions are becoming more and more popular for life events, maternity, anniversaries, cuddle sessions and family shoots around the house. Why not capture those special memories in your own home. These sessions are best with optimal lighting and in a space with lots of natural light.


Assiniboine Forest

If you are up for a nice session that includes a small walk, you are in for a treat. There is a small trail that leads to a look out with wood seating, and another that leads to a small deck to walk around on. Full trees and open space. Great spot anytime of year. Has a spacious parking lot as well.

Harte Trail

This fun trail in Charleswood, I just discovered the past few years. It's busy with bikers/walkers but if you are patient you can get some great shots. In fall there is tall grass, where you can walk through the various foot paths. A great green space that feels out of the city. There is a parking lot here also.


Birds Hill Park

Birds Hill can be overwhelming as there are lots of great spots - trees, trails, bike paths, beach and an older heritage house. If you are looking for a bit of an adventure this is a great spot to do a variety of captures. Note, you will need to pay to enter the park. Located approx. 15 minutes outside of the perimeter.

This spot is great for families, offering up stunning brick back drops and a rustic look. Can can also go down by the river which is filled with lush greenery, large trees, white fence and gravel road. There are benches, chairs and a rock staircase down to the river. 

Screenshot 2023-08-15 231534.png

St. Vital Park

This park has so many good spots - inside the hut near the duck pond during the rain, trails in the bush, walk along the river, flower garden or trails through the entrance of the park and more.  There's also a toboggan run area that has a rustic kind of look. 

Another hidden gem, located in East Saint Paul - if you like the idea of water, beach, hiking, trails and tall grass this is the spot for you. There's also some lovely trees that some of the other parks don't offer. I've only been here once but I love it! Please book here again!

Screenshot 2023-08-15 231548.png
Screenshot 2023-08-15 232028.png

Lagimodière-Gaboury Park

Located just off Notre Dame Ave in Winnipeg. It's a fun little spot with large trees, green space by the river, a little bridge, stairs and wood logs as well as spots to sit along the trail. This one feels city with a touch of nostalgia for me. I love taking families here especially. 

A random spot for portraits that turned into one of my favourite spots for anyone really. Great for quick sessions. This one in particular is located near the forks - so allows for exploring in and around the forks as well. *Note: there are security guards that may ask you too leave! 

Screenshot 2023-08-15 231504.png

This one is located in St. Andrews, Manitoba (approx. 45 minutes from the perimeter) but the most beautiful garden I've ever seen. Offers a lush garden, cobblestone, a historic house with a white picket fence and large mature trees. Highly recommend a trip to see this beautiful place.

This park is nice and quiet. Lots of mature trees, a modern structure that has bathrooms featuring a wood design and some color block options. It's a centralized location and has lots of parking. One of my favourite fall locations. 


May11 Studio

This one is located off McGillivray. It has four different walls all with different scenes for various stylings. The studio usually has seasonal offerings and is a great spot for any type of session - indoor and in the South end of the city.

I love a fun beach session. St Malo is one of the closest beaches (50 minutes). I enjoy photographing in the sand in the evening (7 pm). Usually it's pretty empty and kids won't want to jump in since it's cooled off by the evening. There is a fee to enter the park.

07-30-2021 (36)_edited.jpg

This location is great for quick sessions - fence backdrop, trees and a little cabin. It's usually fairly quiet and lots of space to spread out. Great option for winter sessions and pets are welcome.

The Leg is a popular spot for graduates. There is a garden right next to it that is beautiful. A mix of the fountains, grounds, large stairs and the garden is the perfect combo for any and all types of sessions.


Located in the Charleswood area, this park is a generally busy spot.  However, if you are not in a rush, its  features gorgeous cobble stone walkways, brick borders, tall mature trees and lots of room to spread out. There is a blossom tree in the middle of the park that is very lush and great for the right season.

Such a beautiful spot and one of the newest attractions in our city. It is a tropical building so you can expect humidity throughout certain points of the day. It can also be really busy - if doing a session here I'd suggest early in the day or right before sunset to avoid some of the crowds. There is an admission fee per person to enter the biome.

  • Bunns Creek

  • Birds Hill - treescape

  • Flower Garden

  • Green House

  • Matlock Beach

  • Dock on a lake

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