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April 2020


When I first starting seeing the #frontstepsproject on Instagram I was itching to get involved; joining in the dozens of photographers everywhere. To help the community by spreading positive vibes + support a fundraiser dear to my heart [Winnipeg Harvest].


The inquiries rolled in and I began taking photographs. I am so humbled to be apart of a movement that is taking the world by storm. All the families, photographers joining together, donations/charities helped and the good vibes coming from it all.


I tracked the bookings, mapped out my route and packed up my family (most of the days). Hubby drove, kids in tow with their tablet, snacks and toys. My kids and I have been together 24/7 so the car rides were a welcomed escape from the house. My oldest (Age 5) says "mommy, why are you so excited?" I was bursting with emotion, she saw me and my true passion in action.


During this whole process I've been working from home 8-5 pm with my day job, both kiddos home, and then taking photographs in the evenings/weekends + retouching late into the evenings. I tried my very best to accommodate as many families as I could. This experience has been like no other. I already feel privileged with everything I capture on the daily. Doing this all was a welcomed change in pace. This was a true act of service for me, all proceeds being donated and my heart truly full. As I traveled to each home and saw more and more photos and hashtags it really became real and confirmed how important this was to do for myself and for the community.

I completed 66 front steps photos (no profits collected, only donations for Winnipeg Harvest)! I am humbled, thankful and so happy to have been part of this initiative. Here's to hoping we all take this time to find our new norms, spend more time with family and learn to say 'yes' to more things! Life is short, lets make the best of it. I'm hoping for the world to heal from Covid-19.

With your help I raised $1080 + 230 pounds of food donations. Thank you to those who participated, donated and spread the word!

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