In the Kitchen

Weekends at our home are usually spent doing something fun - like baking! A simple activity done with a toddler, what could go wrong right? Happy Saturday!

Cozy up this Summer

What is on your summer bucket list? I've decided that mine includes exploring new opportunities and doing more of the creative side of photography I miss. I want to capture you and your family in your space being YOU! That means I want to capture families in their kitchen making a mess, a pool party (with large flamingo floaties), a picnic in the park, the options are endless - contact me for your unique idea! During this process I had the privilege of capturing two of my beautiful friends in my backyard oasis getting cozy. I wish I had some behind the scenes photos to share how we made this come to life but I was having so much fun I forgot! See below for a few of my favourite captures and

Leanne Lynn

Leanne Lynn is a passionate photographer based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. She comes from a place of simplicity where capturing memories really matters.

Leanne has owned and operated Leanne Lynn Photography since 2009 and has over nine years of administrative experience. She is passionate about opportunities and new experiences to grow as an artist. 

Leanne is a mother, wife and friend offering a lifestyle perspective to all sessions. Inquire today with your opportunity!

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