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This handsome little man is already 6 months old, where the time has gone is beyond me. I couldn't have asked for a better day - weather wise, gorgeous subject wise and the giggles we shared. Even the pooch (Nova) was a star model! Look at that little face ekkk - just want to poke those little dimples. This is genuine love. I have known these two for years and I can truly say I left feeling their love wash all over me. Location plays a big part in a successful family session like this one. Kings park played a huge role in Mamma J's childhood and so it was fitting to now be able to bring her own son to make new memories. and that's a wrap with this sweet family! ps. check out this beautiful l

Leanne Lynn

Leanne Lynn is a passionate photographer based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. She comes from a place of simplicity where capturing memories really matters.

Leanne has owned and operated Leanne Lynn Photography since 2009 and has over nine years of administrative experience. She is passionate about opportunities and new experiences to grow as an artist. 

Leanne is a mother, wife and friend offering a lifestyle perspective to all sessions. Inquire today with your opportunity!

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