The G Family

I had the most magical evening with this crew. I am in love with their colour pallet and the fun we had. My own kiddos are similar in age so I had some tricks up my sleeve to get those smiles. ​​ I have a soft spot for baby shoes + blush pinks!

Mini Sessions - Day 3

Last but not least some minis I fit in in the evenings during the week due to weather issues on the days they were scheduled. I had such a busy October, it's great to reflect now on all the moments we shared.

Fall Minis - Day 2

Another great day - enjoying all the lovely families and their candid moments <3. Too many favourites to post them all, but here's a few I hope will help round out the vision.

Fall Minis - Day 1

This summer I ran my first mini session full day dates. One location, and back to back clients. I am finally getting around to blogging some of the great captures from those few days! Check out some of my top picks below. Thanks to all those who participated - I had a blast and hope you all did too.

Mama V - Maternity

A bold session in the cold of winter. This lady is a stunner isn't she? In the short time I got to know her and this sweet family I could just sense the amount of love and fun this family has together. What joy to have an addition on the way. I cannot recall exactly how cold it was this day but it was freezing. I remember asking along the way if she needed a jacket break, but she didn't seem to mind. It paid off, because she looks absolutely radient.

Leanne Lynn

Leanne Lynn is a passionate photographer based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. She comes from a place of simplicity where capturing memories really matters.

Leanne has owned and operated Leanne Lynn Photography since 2009 and has over nine years of administrative experience. She is passionate about opportunities and new experiences to grow as an artist. 

Leanne is a mother, wife and friend offering a lifestyle perspective to all sessions. Inquire today with your opportunity!

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