When I first starting seeing the #frontstepsproject on instagram I was itching to get involved; joining in the dozens of photographers everywhere. To help the community by spreading positive vibes + support a fundraiser dear to my heart [Winnipeg Harvest]. The inquiries rolled in and I began taking photographs. I am so humbled to be apart of a movement that is taking the world by storm. All the families, photographers joining together, donations/charities helped and the good vibes coming from it all. I tracked the bookings, mapped out my route and packed up my family (most of the days). Hubby drove, kids in tow with their tablet, snacks and toys. My kids and I have been together 24/7 so the

Leanne Lynn

Leanne Lynn is a passionate photographer based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. She comes from a place of simplicity where capturing memories really matters.

Leanne has owned and operated Leanne Lynn Photography since 2009 and has over nine years of administrative experience. She is passionate about opportunities and new experiences to grow as an artist. 

Leanne is a mother, wife and friend offering a lifestyle perspective to all sessions. Inquire today with your opportunity!

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