E Family - 6 month darling session

I was able to break my quarantine with a 6 month baby session, what a great way to get back into things. This lovely family has a huge yard full of great spots - every few months I head out and we do a session on their property. It's always so hard to narrow down my favourite ones. It's so much fun to include things that are true to who you are as a family. I love each session with this family - same location, always a different vibe!

Happy Mothers Day!

This mother's day I am reflecting on my favourite 'mom' moments. When my daughters hold my hand, the giggles I hear when I find them playing together or when my oldest tells mom how supper 'is soooooo gooood, good job mommy.' We are blessed with a large support system of strong independent women who are very involved in my girls lives- they know who they are, and I am so grateful for their presence in our lives. It truly takes a village and we all have our parts. Cheers to you for whichever part you have in any child or fur babies heart! You may not know the difference you are making now but someday it'll shine through.

Leanne Lynn

Leanne Lynn is a passionate photographer based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. She comes from a place of simplicity where capturing memories really matters.

Leanne has owned and operated Leanne Lynn Photography since 2009 and has over nine years of administrative experience. She is passionate about opportunities and new experiences to grow as an artist. 

Leanne is a mother, wife and friend offering a lifestyle perspective to all sessions. Inquire today with your opportunity!

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