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Hi there! I am so excited you decided to stop by and see what I have to offer. It is so important to find the right photographer for you and your needs. Before each session, I take time to create a vision board for how I'd like to set up the session. I feel this sets the tone for the session and helps with the overall flow. Sessions are short, and I want to get to know your family as best I can in the little time we have together.
I truly believe that everyone deserves family photos, whether you have the budget for it now or later. If this is you, please inquire about a custom package or a payment plan that suits your needs. Don't wait and miss out on today's memories.

All sessions include digital images + retouching. RAW an non-editied photos are not provided, no exceptions. RAW images are incredibly large files that take up a lot of space and include all of the blinking, unfocused, weird faces that are moments that don't necessarily capture  you at your best. I will always give you all the best images possible from your session.

All sessions are at a lifestyle approach; natural lighting, posing and in your chosen spaces. I do not have studio, however I can book one on top of any package, subject to availability. Unfortunately, I no longer offer Wedding photography at this time.

"Lifestyle Photography" what is it [to me]?

To define it, I'd call it a planned version of candid photography. This can sometimes be established with a fun activity - such as baking, exploring a new location or simply in-home, just to name a few more visual prompts. In an every day session, I try to achieve this by capturing the moments between the moment. Instead of standing there just smiling at me I'll add a sway, a little walking or a quick activity to unravel those in between moments. At the beginning of each session I encourage you to let whatever moments happen, happen naturally. Lean into that baby trying to kiss you, tickle them when they are serious and take that hug. Biggest of all though, try not to get frustrated when kids do not do what you expect them to. I work hard throughout each session (no matter the time frame) to get everyone comfortable and work towards all these must-have shots. Frustration is a sense the kids pick up on and a definite mood killer, and makes things a bit more challenging. Instead, let's be open minded and patient together, and focus on having a good time!

All inclusive Lifestyle Session Packages

All sessions include time & talent of photographer, posed/candid variety captures, professional retouching, and high resolution files sent by digital download. *‘Best Photos’ refers to final photos being chosen by the photographer (based on colors, quality and most flattering). Pets welcome. Note: Travel fees may apply (55 cents/km + $40/hr).

Packages range from $150 - $400 

Large Group

1 hour, 50+ min. best high resolution images 

Extended families (10+), each family unit gets a set of variety of photos

Group captures with a variety of sub-captures (ie. Everyone, grandparents + grandkids, siblings etc). 

Studio Session

45 minutes, 30+ min. best high resolution images 

This session is best for a relaxed variety of captures. At May11 studio - availability dependant on the studio. Best for families anytime and special moments (ie. indoor, Maternity, portrait, candid, newborn session etc.)

Lifestyle Family

1 hour, 50+ min. best high resolution images 

This session is best for a relaxed variety of captures. Can be in-home or on location.  Best for families anytime and special moments (ie. Maternity, candid, newborn session in-home etc.) One household only.

Anytime Session

30 minutes, 30+ min. best high resolution images. 

Smaller quantity, but same quality! Provides an alternative to an hour long session within the perimeter. 

One household only.

Piggy-Back Sample Session*

20 minutes, 15 best high resolution images. 

This session is best for someone new to professional photos, a smaller family unit, to be gifted or the busy humans who just need a few captures. This session is specifically done piggy-backed off another session

(specific date/location and times - no exceptions). 

One household only.

Mini Sessions (promo)

These are generally three times a year, not at request

Spring, Fall & Christmas

15-20 minutes

A great opportunity to get a quick few photos of the family at a smaller price point


Events start at $200/hour

Discounts if booking multiple sessions in advance, inquire for details.

Turnaround time is generally 2-4 weeks

Best photos can range based on a variety of elements, there is no guaranteed quantity of images.

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