David & Heather Lifestyle Portrait Session

Winter is such a great backdrop despite the cold. I put on my warm socks, layered up my clothes and invested in some of those hand/foot warmers. The good news is that I was nice and toasty, bad news - those hand/foot warmers explode when you try to remove them from your boots!

I had so much fun getting cozy with these two, they were game for all directions and I had some in-the moment fun. I've known Heather for quite some time and when she asked me for a cheesy/fun session I knew exactly what I wanted to do! The look on her face around David is so sincere. These two are going on 6 months together and I can definitely see their chemistry on display. David has a way of bringing out the best in her! See below for a few of my favourite captures.

Makeup by : Colourmeartistry